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Lcd advertising display has been used in more and more industries. traditional posters, static light boxes and public billboards have gradually been replaced by fashionable and functional digital billboards.

Lcd advertising display system is rich in visual impact. in addition to the content played, the display end itself has become an important factor to attract attention. So what should we pay attention to when installing the wall mounted LCD advertising display? Let's follow JIATEAN to find out~

1. The device environment should not be wet

When installing the wall mounted LCD advertising display, you should choose a good location to ensure that there is no moisture regain in the installation area, because once the moisture regain, it will be quickly damaged, and the moisture can not be repaired after it enters the electronic components. In order to maximize the safety of its use, not only the installation area is required to be dry, but also the ambient humidity around it should not be too high.

2. Do not install near strong electromagnetic objects

Many public places will have many electronic devices, but when installing the wall mounted LCD advertising display, we must pay attention to it. It should not be installed near strong electromagnetic objects, because it will cause electromagnetic radiation or interference to the LCD advertising display and affect its normal use.

3. The device wall must be solid

Consumers must install wall mounted LCD advertising display on walls with high strength such as solid bricks and concrete. If it is assumed that the installation is to be carried out on the wall with too thick wood or exterior decorative layer, reinforcement and support measures must be taken first. In addition, we should understand that the bearing capacity of the device surface should be no less than 4 times of the actual carrying capacity of the wall mounted LCD advertising display.

4. The support shall be selected properly

It is very important to choose a suitable wall mounted lcd advertising display bracket. First, make clear the classification of brackets. At present, brackets on the market are mainly divided into adjustable angle hangers and fixed angle hangers.

The wall mounted LCD advertising display bracket shall ensure convenient maintenance and repair of the LCD advertising display after the device, and easy assembly without damaging the device surface and device frame.


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