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3D hologram fan Basic Feature:


What is 3D hologram fan?

Holographic fans are types of displays that produce a 3-dimensional image seemingly floating in the air using the principle of POV (Persistence of Vision), using strips of RGB LEDs attached to the blades of the fan and a control-unit lighting up the pixels. As the fan rotates the display produces a full picture.

How does 3D hologram work?

Holography is a unique method of photography whereby 3D objects are recorded using a laser and then restored as precisely as possible to match the originally recorded object. When illuminated via a laser, holograms are able to form an exact 3D clone of the object and duplicate its features.

Main Feature:

1.Amazing 3D display effect, eye catching for all the application.

2.High resolution ensure the ads quality.

3.Audio function can be wireless connection with the speaker.

4.Cloud function can be workable for long distance control.

5.Big range of sizes offer, and Support splicing technology can fit all the customers needs.

6.High resolution, perfect 3D effects

7.Best model for synchronization, stable and easy operation

8.4 blades are removable and replaceable, low maintenance cost

9.Support remote control, WiFi control, and APP control etc.

10.High resolution up to 1080P ensure clear display

11. Easily upload videos or pictures and play

12. Easily create 3D content through the app

13. High-speed motor with optimum speed

14.High-quality material with aluminum shell

15. Low power consumption and better output

16.High brightness up to 2500 nits, visible under sunshine We offer wide range of 42cm, 52cm,65cm,72cm, 100cm,150cm,180cm,outstanding quality, fast delivery, and amazing 3D effects. 17.Our hologram fans are widely used for holiday decoration, store, exhibition, wedding, events, and advertising.

18.Our engineer can help make 3D file as per your order qty

Regular Question Answers:

1. What is the name of the software to create a 3D video?

AE, MAYA, 3D Maker, 3D Max are the professional software to create a 3D video.

2. How does the hologram fan work in daylight? Is it bright enough in a sunny room?

Yes, the hologram fan is bright enough, so that it can work in a sunny room in daylight.

3. Does it come with a wall mount?

Yes, it comes with a wall mount bracket, the floor standing bracket is optional.

4. Is there a way to combine 2 fans to get a larger image?

Yes, it can be synchronized by 2 fans, 3 fans, 4 fans… many fans to combine to a larger and larger image.

5. Which models are suitable for me?

If you want to put it on the table or cabinet, no power supply cable, pls choose 30cm (rechargeable)

If you want to test the 3D effect by a low cost with a simple operation, pls choose the standalone version 42cm

If you like to use wifi(app) to control the fan by a low cost, pls choose the wifi version 42cm

If you want to use the fan to advertise in your own shop with the most cost-effective, pls choose 52cm.

If you are engineers or integrators, you want to install a larger image 3D video wall, pls choose 65cm.

If you are designers very care about the resolution, pls choose the highest resolution(1920*1080p) 70cm.

If you want to use it to do brand advertising, show a high-end image, pls choose the largest size 100cm.


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