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What are the advantages of interactive whiteboards?


With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of high-tech products in all walks of life is more and more extensive, the traditional way of education has been far from meeting the needs of the development of The Times. With the advent of the era of intelligent education 2.0, the teaching model has changed, and the traditional teaching equipment is also developing towards the direction of intelligent equipment. The traditional blackboard is gradually changing into the interactive whiteboard, which plays a more and more important role in education and teaching. So what are the advantages of interactive whiteboards?

What are the advantages of interactive whiteboards:

1. Intelligent touch operation

The interactive whiteboard adopts the current advanced infrared touch positioning technology with high pixel and high precision. It has strong environmental adaptability, fast response speed and strong anti-glare interference performance. The accuracy, smoothness and tracking speed can fully meet the requirements of current classroom teaching. When writing, it can be smoothly converted into image track, fully supports handwriting recognition input, and does not affect the speed of teachers in class.

2.High definition LCD panel

The interactive whiteboard uses full HD 4K (3840*2160) LCD panel, with 178 degrees of view, can achieve 4K high-definition display, high contrast and brightness, not affected by external light, dark field performance ability is strong, so that all students can see the presentation content, without the use of projectors, to create a dark room can

3. Soft assistant for teachers to improve teaching experience

Interactive whiteboard is the tool of multimedia interactive teaching, demonstration, multimedia courseware and teaching plan making. Make the teacher's courseware more vivid and flexible.

4. Teaching and learning complement each other

Embedded graphic menu design, simple interface, easy operation, strong interaction, integration of a variety of ways of education experience, resources to help better teaching.

5. It is good for review

The teaching process can be recorded synchronously, the speech content and the speech process can be saved synchronously, which is convenient to review the contents of previous courses. The handout file can be saved on the screen, and any course content displayed on the screen can be stored and printed by taking pictures of the screen, so that the review will not be missed.


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